Apple Watches are Synonym for Style and Fashion

After a lot of speculations and rumors, the apple watch is finally here, but probably the availability of this watch didn’t change our mindset to look for the next generation apple watch rental Melbourne. It has rather been experienced that, if we compare Apple Watch 2 with the original Apple Watch the device will really make or break Apple’s objectives in the wearable industry.

Why Apple Watch 2 is Considerably so Important?

According to experts report at Mizuho Securities, the giant brand Apple won’t actually start to see the revenue from its wearable until the second generation of the original watch is launched successfully. What is more, experts at Mizuho also believe that majority of consumers are eagerly waiting to experience the nuances in Apple’s next-generation wearable, concluding that, “We might be in need to go through the couple of iterations prior to the broad adoption of the upcoming smart watch.” For the same reason, the Apple Watch 2 will have to be a stunning device.

So what Exactly we Want?

We being the consumers are in need of freedom from the heavy to hold an iPhone, better battery life, and a thin enclosure, and if we consider the recent reports, that’s exactly what apple watch rental Melbourne is planning for the respectable consumers.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Increased independence
  • 3D touch likely
  • 2016 release date

Apple Watch 2: Launch Date

As the watch is Apple’s first wearable, we aren’t actually much aware about its intended upgrading cycle. However, as per the suggested reports released by the 9 to 5 mac, it seems that the release date which has been targeted is the upcoming year 2016.

If the Apple Watch 2 is being launched next year, it is probably stage to assume that it will be in stores by May 2016, as the giant probably be inclined to stick systematically to its yearly trade cycle.

Apple Watch 2: Freedom

Apple’s performance of Watch OS 2 in the year 2015 itself presented some evidences connected to the apple Watch 2. Along with receiving apprises associated to the latest features such as Time Traveling functions and more clock faces, Watch OS considerably makes the Apple watch far more independent from a paired iPhone device.

Currently, it is being experienced that the apple watch relies on the tethered iPhone for each and everything from messaging and weather updates and to locate your device through location tracking system. Functions of the Apple watch 2 include independent usage of Wi-Fi. This move shows that the giant brand is pointing out one of the most common criticisms about the Apple Watch, and could make it more comparable to “Standalone” smart watches such as Samsung Gear S.

Apple Watch 2: Design 

As per the trusted tweets of experts, it is expected that the Apple watch design will not be changed, it will remain same as original Apple Watch, but it is also possible that it become slightly thinned.

Apple Watch 2: Battery Life

As per the reports, Apple’s survey shows that the majority of apple watch rental Melbourne owners have finished the day with around 30 to 40% of battery charge left on their smart watches. But you will be amazed to know that, The Apple Watch 2 is likely to have somewhat same battery life to the existing model, suggesting that the giant’s objective is to let its consumer charge their watches on a daily basis. So switch to Apple watch today to become the owner of smart and elegant watch.

The standard and quality of this watch is simply unmatchable. You will not get a replacement of this watch in the market.

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