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Today, any business be it small or big, domestic or multinational, relies heavily upon inter-networking. Networks evolve, shrink, and grow on a daily basis and it has become impossible for IT team to control every aspect of these entities. Addition of new devices, change in the configuration or policies happens to the network every day without any analysis of security impact or proper documentation which can have a serious impact on your network security. Business networks are under constant assault.

By 2020,


of firewall breaches will be caused by simple firewall misconfigurations, not flaws.

A key foundation in the security of any business is created by ensuring that we have an audited and secured perimeter. As easy as this is to say, businesses struggle with this constantly. Evolving networking technologies such as wireless technologies, enterprise VPNs, business partner connections, BYOD policies and more can all erode the security of perimeter networks.

Network security auditing is must but just not enough, auditing poses more questions than the actual solution! This is why it is crucial to go for a service which not just conducts comprehensive network security auditing but also performs remediation to ensure that perimeter is secure and adhere to industry best practices as well as compliances.

We have designed a unique consultancy-led Network Security Auditing and Remediation service called “NetSecure” to ensure that key network elements such as Next-Gen Firewall / UTM, Switches, Routers, Wireless Controllers / Access Points, Web and Email Gateways are Audited, Reported and Secured by our highly skilled network security experts.


Highly skilled Network Security Experts have designed comprehensive auditing process to ensure that security device maintains good security posture and is fully compliant with industries best practices.

Below is the highlights of device auditing process:


Comprehensive Expert-led Security Auditing


Compare configurations to industry best practices


Identify policy violations that can lead to security breaches


Review security configuration

Which Includes:
  • Layer-2 & Layer-3 Configuration (Routers / Switches)
  • ACL Configuration & Validation
  • Device Access Policies
  • Password Management
  • Firewall Rules
  • Content Filters
  • Ant-Malware / Anti-Spam Policies
  • Intrusion Prevention Rules
  • Anti-Spoofing Protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Wireless Configuration (WLC/AP)
  • Network Architecture Validation

Identify unused rules, ACls or redundant firewall policies to simplify security configuration


Identify gaps in compliance


On successful completion of the auditing process, SOC team prepare detail report with key findings, the security posture of the device and remediation recommendation.

Audit report would contain following key elements:


Executive Summary

Compliance Highlights
Network’s Security Posture

Comprehensive information for all non-compliance configuration objects

Reference information such as Policy Name or Rule-ID
Remediation to stay compliant


Remediation is the most critical phase of the NetSecure product as it determines what action to take in response to audit findings.

We offer consultancy-led remediation with below features.


Understand, discuss and prioritize configuration changes:

Our team will help customer to understand impact of each suggested configuration changes and prioritize them as per compliance requirements

Develop an Implementation Schedule:

We strictly follow ITSM based change management process to ensure:

  • Security Performance
  • Minimal downtime
  • Proper rollback strategy
  • Authorization
All changes would be implemented on predefined schedule to avoid any impact on the network

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