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Since 1987 MicroRentals has been the trusted provider of short term rentals of IT & Audio Visual equipment.

MicroRentals has a wide range of Laptops, TV Screens, Desktops/All in One’s and Apple products such as iPad’s, MacBook Pro’s and iMac’s available for your business to rent on daily, weekly or monthly basis. MicroRentals has also been managing IT networks for small & medium sized business and large multinational organisations ensuring the customer continues to focus on their core business rather than focusing on their IT issues.

MicroRentals simply becomes more than just your businesses IT Solutions Provider but a partner you can trust. MicroRentals is the official Sydney Roosters IT Solutions Provider further enhancing the winning level of service.

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Technology & IT Equipment Hire or Rental, Managed Services, IT Consulting, IT Security, Web Development & SEO for Small to Medium Business.

Established in 1987 MicroRentals are the leaders in cutting edge technological and virtual solutions. MicroRentals service range from hardware hire, web design, internet security & protection, managed services and IT consulting.

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Hire Cutting Edge IT Technology at Cutting Edge Prices!

Hire a wide range of IT and Audio Visual equipment from 1 day , 1 week or for however long you require. Apply with the easy application process for a fast and friendly turnaround  –  MicroRentals top-of-the-range rental equipment, friendly staff, and competitive prices mean that you won’t need to look any further for technology hire. MicroRentals has you covered.

MicroRentals Wide Range of IT Rental & Sale of Equipment Includes:

We can provide you the cheapest deal in Australia

We specialise in popular brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba and Apple as well as niche brands such as EdiMax, Synology, APC- SCHNEIDER, Fellowes and Media Matrix ensuring a large range of IT rental fleet is available for you to hire.

Best of all our friendly and expert staff can guide and navigate you to the product that is right for you and your company. Our tech savvy staff can even customise and personalise your equipment to suit you and your organisation’s needs.

With unique and long term experience with government as well as corporate agencies MicroRentals have become experts in the field of technology hire ensuring you have the most up to date technologies available to you.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy talk to MicroRentals for the most competitive deals for all your Hardware, Software and Audio Visual requirements.

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IT Rentals

Established in 1987 MicroRentals is Australia’s most experienced rental provider in hiring IT and Audio Visual equipment.  Renting IT equipment from MicroRentals can be as 1 day, 1 Week, 1 Month or for what ever is required to meet your business needs. MicroRentals has a large range of options available for corporate, government and educational institutes. Rent Audio Visual equipment for all your exhibition or convention needs and save thousands of dollars in buying the equipment. The latest IT equipment available to rent at a fraction of the cost.

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Web Development & SEO for Business

MicroRentals has years of experience in developing websites and SEO content. Taking the time to fully understand your business and your market ensuring the website created fully engages with your potential customers. MicroRentals will employ the latest SEO techniques and implement industry knowledge to get you ahead of the competition.

Internet and Company Network Security

Deploying hundreds of Internet security appliances each year, MicroRentals truly are the Internet security specialists. MicroRentals distribute the latest and most advanced unified threat managers that not only fight viruses and deflect spam but also monitor employee productivity. MicroRentals uses an intelligent user and time based control system that works on layer 7 and layer 8 limiting the usage of the sites of your choice as well as preventing hackers entering your business network.

Network protection is never a one size fits all, that’s why MicroRentals have a range of security appliances all which can be customised and tailored to suit your Internet security needs. Best of all MicroRentals can do off or on site installations guaranteeing the correct and upmost usage of your protection appliance.

IT Consulting & Resource Management

Having over 60 combined years of experience in a vast number of fields in IT including Business Analyst and Project Management, IT Architecture, Cloud Solutions, Software Design and Development, Office Setups and Re-locations and IT Help Desk. MicroRentals have become the leaders in IT throughout Australia.

MicroRentals staff are highly experienced and skilled recommending the right solution at the best prices possible. Whether it is data loss or server and network management, MicroRentals are fast, efficient and reliable.

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