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Rent All in One Desktops Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Perth – Adelaide

Desktop Rentals

Rent or Hire high end desktops and workstations from Microrentals for as short as 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. We can save you thousands of dollars on latest All in one desktops which are available on rental. We have been leaders in renting or hiring high end workstations. With our high end workstations or desktops you can choose the size of the screen. We have a wide range of screen options starting from 17″, 19″ 20″ , 21″ 22″ 23″ 25″ 27″ 29″ & 32″. We stock latest desktops which are i5, i7 as well as Hex Core Xeon processors with 24 GB RAM.

Desktop Computer Rental Made Easy and Fast! In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & All Major Capital Cities.

Desktop computers are critical for business but with hundreds of options and new models constantly being produced it can be hard to find the model, or the budget, for the desktop that is right for you and your company.

For all your short term rental solutions, think of MicroRentals.

Hire Computers Sydney or Melbourne from a Wide Range of the Best Brands.

At MicroRentals we stock over 500 desktops from a wide range of brands. Choose from Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Dell, HP and many more, you will never be left wanting. And in just 60 seconds you can apply for any one (or up to ten!) of these products.

You say goodbye to slow start ups or low performance when you rent a computer with MicroRentals. Complete with virus protection, speed, high performance and stability, we provide the best range of desktop computers on hire for business, government or educational use.

You can save $$$ by using our flexible rental option which is you can rent daily, weekly or month, depending upon your needs.

Hiring a computer with MicroRentals means you never have to fear about not being able to afford the latest range of computers. You will also always have someone to call about your computer queries.

When you Rent a Computer with MicroRentals you’ll have Access to:


The latest range of desktops & workstations


The best prices – guaranteed!


A team of computer engineer- always ready to assist


Quick turnarounds & Same day rentals


Desktops configured and tailored to your request

MicroRentals is the Perfect Solution for any Situation, Whether it is:


Temporary computer replacement


Setting up new & temporary office


Promotions & Special projects


Trainings, Exhibitions & Conferences


Special projects, Service & Repairs

MicroRentals has got you covered!

Contact us to Ask about Desktop Computer Rentals Today.

For short term desktop solutions, think MicroRentals. Renting computers sydney is now easy and readily available. Take a look at our stock today and call us on 1300 790 650 or send us an enquiry on the form below.

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Talk to professionals for all your rental, hire, on-site support, remote support requirements!

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