Good bye office junk! I a Paper Shredder. Desist the very sight of you

My wife Susan is working as Head of pathology department in a hospital in Sydney. We have recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne as she is elevated and transferred. This state of the art fantastic new hospital (recently opened) in Sydney is a monument of what a modern technology would represent. I am based at Melbourne as I cannot have a transfer to Sydney, reason being my office do not have a branch in Sydney. Susan will be staying in the accommodation provided by the hospital in the campus. She would be visiting us on weekends, on holidays or I would be visiting her.

It so happened that Susan had accumulated huge records of her clients (in Melbourne) in form of case history files and folders. Since these records are transferred to the computer system to this hospital in Sydney. It is but obvious that these manual records needs to be disposed. Most of these records are confidential sensitive reports, some of them are serious as court cases or police case files. Since Susan was asked to destroy these records on her own. We were on a hunt for hiring a paper shredder to rid of this voluminous junk. We were assisted by our lovely neighbors, (a lovely Irish couple who migrated to Sydney in the 2000s) gave us the reference of this wonderful company Microrentals who are involved in renting and hiring exclusively various range of products ranging from office computers,IT Consultancy,Web Development and SEO,Computer Repairing,to paper shredders. Paper shredders available with Micro Rentals was from level 1 to level 7 cuts from cross or strip cuts to confetti cuts; Susan asked for high volume industrial shredder which handled 100 sheets at a time without clogging blades or tiring the machine. Susan and me were highly impressed by the professionals who represented the company.  They were not only highly presentable but very efficiency,experienced,knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals who made great brand ambassadors for the company. They went extra mile in helping us,in disposing our unwanted CDs,credit cards, my id Cards,huge cardboard boxes which we used in packing our households. The icing on the cake was that they were extremely affordable by our purses.

To end this guest post I would like to very appropriately quote Henry Ford of Ford Motors” It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money……It is the customer who pay wages……” The representatives from Micro Rental proved this perfectly “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”- Chinese proverb. Micro Rentals superb branding in form of their excellent services and physical presence of their two representatives have grabbed a huge paper shredding contract for 2 years in Susan’s hospital not only in Sydney but all across Australia.

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