Good Service is Good Business – Workstation a key feature in productivity for any office.

We recently shifted to our own new building in Brisbane  from Melbourne. We are caught up in organizing,setting up and furnishing the new office. It is a massive building of nearly 30,000 sq.ft. 4 storied flamboyant building. We have constructed the building into state-of-the-art one with all new gadgets and facilities fitted to make it as a modern well equipped office. We are also in the process of recruiting new staff and bringing in more furniture and new facilities. Since our capital budget has already exceeded the target amount. Till the next year budget is finalized ,we have to mange with the present deficit budget for 2015. We were in short of having 25 workstations for our administrative staff on the second floor. Since buying new ones at the present moment is out of question we were looking out for hiring or leasing them.( for one or two years) I was aware of this company which are involved in cutting edge technological and virtual solutions since 1987. My daughter’s school and my son’s university have hired computers and office furniture from them on rental basis; in a big number and for 5years. It was an easy task in this case for me to approach them instantly.

A workstation is a special computer designed for technical or scientific applications. Primarily intended to be used by only one person at a time. They are commonly connected to a local area network and run on multi-user operating systems. So it was but obvious that although we were looking for hired pieces of workstations ,we needed someone , to customize as per our multi-user operating system. Micro Rentals are experts in such customizations. Since we needed CAD/CAMs it required moderate amount of computing power and relatively high quality graphic capabilities. We were also requiring workstations with large and high-resolution graphic screen with at least 64 MB of RAM with a built in network support and a graphical user interface. We were also looking for diskless workstation without a disk drive.

Micro-rental’s software computer engineers and computer supervisor were in our office within just 10 mins from our phone intimation. They were extremely fast and swift in giving a demo and understanding our requirement . Within just ten minutes of meeting, with our Administrative and Systems Head  they got started in installing the workstations in line with our requirement. Same-day,within-hours delivery,quick rental solution and contract offer,top-of-the-range rental equipments,user-friendly attitude and competitive prices is something like an irresistible offer, that no company could for go, in such testing times. Niche brand offer clubbed with friendly expert staff guiding and navigating to the right equipment to the best of productive initiatives is something only professionals well versed with the product knowledge, services and experience can indulge.

This reflects the rapport,experience the company has with organization’s need of various size and category looked after.

Jim Rohn said “ One Customer Well taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising”.

We were all the more delighted to have them consulted off and on, on various up date s on technologies needed for our company. In fact we clinched a better deal of also renting,desktops,lecterns,AV equipments and also booked them on our Training ;and Exhibitions and Conferences vendor on regular basis. As we have lot of advertising campaigns and promotional activities conducted by our marketing,sales, and client servicing team on monthly basis. Their expertise in setting up temporary offices and temporary computer replacement,promotion and special projects,service and repairs (guaranteed),quick turnarounds,configured,tailored to request are proving a great asset for our company as it it saving lot of time,efforts and importantly it is very cost effective and fast.

As Tom Peters rightly said : “ Techniques do not produce quality products and services;people do,people who care,people who are treated as creatively contributing individuals”.

Unlike earlier ,in our old premises in Melbourne ,we have swifter and effective conferences and meetings as we have fabulous equipments and services provided by Micro Rentals. Our clients and dealers are also noticing this difference and are all the more willing to visit our office at some pretext or another. In fact our new premises is proving as a fantastic brand awareness medium. We have lots of people complementing us on our new infrastructure both from within the  fraternity and outside.

This company gave us a very strong message : “Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you”.

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