Corporate identity

Corporate identity, logo design, website, brand packaging all under one roof.

Brand designing involves the creation of a corporate identity to promote products and services of a business. It is responsible for giving the first impression of a business to its customers and audience. Microrentals is a graphic and brand design agency based in Sydney. We’re a small agency with big ideas that will provide you with personalized service to create solutions for all of your needs.

Are you are looking to create a new or want to revamp your existing:

Corporate identity
Logo design
Brand packaging

Microrentals is here to help you as a full service branding agency.

Microrentals believe that brand design is all about connection and communication. A winning design always reflects on various key aspects of an organization. We incorporate fresh, creative concepts into tailored communication strategies that will bring life to the way you interact with your clients.

For all your short term rental solutions, think of MicroRentals.

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