Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Data File Recovery

When data disaster strikes, MicroRentals will save you!

It’s almost impossible to imagine losing important data files but it happens more often than you think. It could be due to a press of the delete button or a corrupt file, or any number of things.

Specialising in data file recovery

Losing files slows the work process and puts a spanner in the works – and can cause your company serious money. That’s why at MicroRentals we specialise in data file recovery, to ensure the productivity of your organisation. We can perform file recovery from a range of operating systems, whether they are Mac or Windows, to a range of platforms, whether they be computers or hard drives.

We assist companies to search and recover individual files and application data from their backup programs. We do this at competitive prices and will cover your entire organisation.

Our team of data file recovery engineers can also help you optimise your existing virtual infrastructure and provide you with file recovery programs to improve your chances of recovery, reduce the cost, to protect your data more securely and recover faster.

For all your short term rental solutions, think of MicroRentals.

Professional, Qualified and Skilled

Partnering with Acronis in backup software and data recovery, all of our recovery experts are fully trained to provide the best file recovery programs to aid your recovery.

With this training it is simple to replicate backup data across multiple offices, improving recovery SLAs and reducing business risk. The MicroRental data recovery experts can also provide you with the best combination of technologies and solutions to prevent data disasters or recover files efficiently.

We can quote, install and document programs and software that is tailored to your organisation’s requirements. With the MicroRentals recommendation you can keep one step ahead of data file loss.

The benefits of recovering with MicroRentals

MicroRentals will help you recover lost or corrupt files, they can also ensure that you will never have to manage without important files ever again. They do this providing a range of services that are both thorough and with a high standard. Take a quick look at just some of our data file recovery services:


Automated Disaster Recovery Plan


Bare metal restore


Recover to dissimilar hardware


Fast, full system recovery


Centralized management

For results every time, contact MicroRentals

MicroRentals are leaders in providing disaster-recovery solutions. We get results at cost effective prices that can be configured to any of your needs. Call 1300 790 650 or make an enquiry to make sure you never have to worry about losing data files ever again!

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