Samsung 55″ Touch Screen TV – PM55F-BC


Samsung’s PMF-BC displays combine the visual power of its signage with the touch-driven efficiency of its
interactive offerings to better serve the needs of retail, public, corporate and transportation environments,
among others. The displays allow consumers to seamlessly navigate a range of relevant content without interference from surrounding light or environmental conditions. The integrated, powerful Tizen operating system
grants PMF-BC users exciting capabilities to deliver rich, engaging content with minimal operational burden

Capacitive touch technology makes up to 10 different touch points available simultaneously
• All-in-one signage package includes integrated media player and content management tools
• Powerful Tizen operating system ensures seamless operations and captivating graphic performance
• Bright, non-glare design enhances readability regardless of surrounding lighting
• IP5x certification signifies displays’ resistance to dust and dirt exposure
• Durable, 24/7 performance ensures continuous interactivity and content sharing
• Easy, flexible display control possible through a centralised infrared receiver (IR)

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