Lecterns can have Head turns – Ask from Micro Rentals

Having a wedding in the house does not allow you to enjoy the word in your dictionary called “relax”. In fact it is not welcomed. Lots of planning,co-ordination of various people like the wedding planners and events lined up for the D Day is a task unsurmountable. It certainly asks for lot of alertness, concentration to line up the events and people in synchrony. While every minute detail was looked into viz. The caterers,the venue,the distribution of invitation cards,the music band, booking of the priest, florists,family members,the videographer,the photographer etc. Everything (as we thought) was perfectly in line however, our venue in charge was not able to organize two lecterns we needed. One for the priest to hold the ceremony and the other for the couple to address the crowd and family members,friends to offer a speech to grace the occasion.

We all know that events like these are a great success if the presenter is as good as a platform they address or conduct the event. About five of us started working on how to get lecterns at this last moment emergency. I contacted my colleagues,friends;my sisters and brothers did the same with their contacts. We were all submerged into how to get ourselves not subject to any embarrassment on the D Day not at least in respect of not getting a podium or lectern organized. Surfing on the internet we did see quite a few companies involved in hire and selling of lecterns in various sizes,shapes,varieties. They had a range of podiums spanning from Standard ‘Lecturm’ black Lecterns,Standard Lecterns equipped with laptop shelf,Clear Perspex Lecterns,Frosted Perspex Lecterns,LCD Lecterns  although most of these suited the corporate events,conferences,lecture halls,boardrooms,auditoriums,business meetings,they also had a facility to customize and hire lecterns incorporating the event. We zeroed down to Frosted Perspex Lectern and Clear Perspex Lectern.

We chose Frosted Perspex Lectern because it is a very stylish and sleekly modern in outlook – a perfect eye-catcher. The Clear Perspex Lectern podium is a guaranteed one, which takes the occasion to a new height adding glamour and panache.  This company really saved us from a fiasco we would have otherwise witnessed on the nuptial of Christine and Julius. Microrentals also added an extra oomph to our celebration by providing range of lighting,drapes and backdrops which were extremely classy,stylish and appropriately co-ordinated with the occasion. Obviously being in the profession for more than 20 years they are familiar with every pulse and nerve of their client,every event and taste. Their capability to deliver stylish events amazing AV was a proof that everyone who attended the wedding were in awe of the arrangements,professional approach,expertise and attention to minute detail something they found it exceptionally remarkable! It exuded lot of high standard passion and fashion. We were enjoying each and every aspect of the event in a totally different euphoria and excitement.

In fact even today (nearly after a month )we have lot of demand for our video being borrowed, by our friends,family and neighbors to imitate the wedding planning like that of Christine and Julius. We have become highly dependent on the services of Micro rental be it a birthday party,baby shower party,bachelor’s party,engagement party,office meet,family meet, family picnics,outdoor travel,wedding anniversaries,weddings etc.

As A.A.Milne rightly said :”Organizing is something you do before you do something,so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

As Dan Millman expressed that : “I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything……..at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do,but when you do them. Timing is everything”.

We enjoy the memoirs of this important event in our family because we have realized that “Every photo taken is with the intention to capture the feelings of that present moment and hope it would last forever”.

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