“Television Is An Anesthetic For The Pain Of the Modern World”- Astrid Alauda

Shifting to a new home is not a very welcoming gesture. Specially when you have about 725 kms to jump into another city( from Adelaide to Melbourne). Packing,unpacking,assembling,dis-assembling,organizing being the part and parcel of the thrill. Getting familiar with the new city,new environment,new people,new culture, local nitty-gritty does demand some time to be on the comfort zone with the place. Zaiger,my husband gifted me a bigger house in Melbourne (almost like a villa ) 6 bedroom place with lot of open space, a patio,gazebo and greenery at the backyard to play out tennis, polo,cricket and golf. Zaiger has retired from his corporate life and I am active writing as an Editor and a journalist. We had disposed off most of our furniture, as the new house was a bigger one and obviously needed bigger better new furniture. We had shopped and ordered almost the entire furniture for our new home. We were left with the task of buying a TV. My husband wanted a home theatre and I was looking for an LED TV. However, we agreed on not displeasing anyone and decided to go for both.

As Fred Allan rightly said “Television Is The Triumph Of Machine Over People”.

Now a days buying items like a TV or a home theatre is not that difficult with so many online offers and store incentives. One of the important element in buying a TV or a home theatre is screen size. In fact TV screen size is one of the fundamental drivers of TV sales as people always look for larger sized TVs. TVs are available in countless configurations to show images and programs from unlimited sources. Like TV channels,TV sets never stop changing in sizes,shapes and colors. Whether in terms of “monitors”,”displays”,”receivers”,”tellies”,”boob tubes” or “idiot boxes”,all said and done TV sets attract audiences with ever-increasing ways to enjoy shows produced and showcased. After all they are to cater to a “viewing pleasures of the audience”.

Lastly let me also quote Shimon Peres “Television Has Made Dictatorship Impossible But Democracy Unbearable”.

Zaiger and myself, we were confused at seeing the ample varieties of TVs on display in the showroom. We were shown models like Ultra-High-Definition TV(Ultra HD),Organic Light Emitting Diodes(OLEDS),the one with curved surfaces,”smart” and internet-connected options the omnipresent TV sets. The sales person at this premium shop in central Melbourne was briefing us on various display technologies viz. “rollable screens”,”foldable screens”,”digital paper screens” which need integration with TV program distribution suppliers etc. Well! With all this hi-tech demo and briefing Zaiger and me decided to go for LG curved OLED TV (Organic Light emitting Diode TV) which has a unique shape to enable the viewer with lush hues,rich color and stunning contrast changing high definition in the homes. It creates an image and picture that truly blows you away….It did with me…

Most amazing feature which convinced me the most’ was its revolutionary new design approach that drastically reduced the thickness and weight of the TV. Furthermore, its uncanny ability to reproduce lifelike content, I found the LG CURVED OLED TV a true technological marvel. Zaiger was more convinced with the LG Gallery OLED TV displaying some of the finest artwork in a very elegant frame. We are hardcore admirer of quality products and LG is a brand we do trust as we believe they deliver consumer electronics that enable you to embrace life and prepare you to cherish its greatest moments.

We have the refrigerator,the oven,microwave,blender,washing machine,air conditioner from the same brand we confidently confess that LG electronics are designed to be intuitive, responsive and energy efficient allows you to spend wisely. We were equally convinced with the incredibly slim sound plate complimenting the flat panel TV with 4.1 multi-channel surrounding the system with dual subwoofers creating richer,deeper sound that offers an impression that you were not only listening but also watching and experiencing every scene as part of it. No wonder Zaiger abruptly went for this ultimate digital entertainment of LG home theater system. It had most advanced digital sound and video technology. Zaiger was enjoying the home theater system with movie theater quality(enjoying thoroughly) all amplified entertainment from the very comfort of our beautiful cozy new home. While I am constantly in date with my new LG OLED enjoying every bit of its true-to-life color richness and room-enhancing ultra-thin silhouette. They are not only my favourite tool of entertainment, but are also a hot favorite of tech editors all across Australia.

But at the same time says William Westmoreland “ Television is an instrument which can paralyze this country”.

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