Types Of Managed Services

Once the domain of a few select industries, IT is now a major logistical component of any organisation, from major corporations to small businesses. A managed service provider is fast becoming a must-have for institutions in all types of industries. Deciding which type of managed IT service is right for your needs can be tricky, so let’s get into the different options for managed IT services and find the perfect one for your requirements. 

Different types of managed IT services

There are many different types of managed IT services, with considerable variations found across different industries, and often quite a bit of difference from company to company. However, some of the most common are noted below:

  • Cloud services – Management of cloud-based services allows you to quickly scale up your operations with ease and agility.
  • Security services – Whether it’s employee information, financial records or other sensitive data, security service management can help protect your business’ valuable information and secure data.
  • End-user services — Better known as an IT help desk, where trained agents typically assist employees and customers with common problems.
  • Computer help desk IT support — Options for on or off-site support, with integrated hardware and software solutions.
  • Technology support — Especially helpful if you are onboarding a new system or managing a large scale project, this targeted support will help the seamless execution of the project.
  • Infrastructure support — This type of support can manage networks, print services, network security, and more. Often, infrastructure support will include backing up data, reporting data analytics insights and creating firewall solutions.


Finding the right type of IT managed service for your business

IT support can be managed on or off-site, covering support for everything from in-house servers to cloud-based infrastructure and a variety of different laptops, desktop computers, servers and other hardware. What is the right option for you will depend on your existing hardware and software set-up, your required response time, and how many staff you have in your team.

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