As cybersecurity threats become increasingly common, more businesses are seeking outside help to protect their hardware and data from the risk of cyberattacks. A managed security services provider (MSSP) effectively protects your business’s valuable intellectual property, keeping it safe from external security threats.

In this post, we’ll look at some key MSSP benefits and discuss the difference between an MSP and MSSP.

What is the difference between MSP and MSSP?

Managed services providers (MSP) and managed security services providers (MSSP) provide outsourced IT services to businesses. However, an MSP focuses on general IT services and support, whereas an MSSP focuses solely on IT security services.

Benefits of a managed security services provider

Here are some of the key benefits of a managed security services provider:

  • Cost-effective — An MSSP is much less costly for your business than creating a whole in-house security team.
  • Fast incident response — An MSSP can respond immediately to successful attacks or intrusions to prevent theft or loss of data.
  • Continual monitoring — An MSSP provides constant monitoring of your systems, thereby spotting potentially catastrophic intrusions even before they happen.
  • More time for business focus — An MSSP frees your time to focus on driving your business forward rather than continually resolving incidents.
  • Cybersecurity expertise — An MSSP is an experienced security professional specialising in cybersecurity monitoring and tasks. You can therefore be confident that the MSSP will always meet security expectations.

At MicroRentals, we’re committed to protecting and securing our clients’ networks. As a leading managed services and managed security services provider, we work with a range of managed security services and products, including DataVault, NetSecure, FireSecure and SecurePlus.

If you’d like to learn more about key MSSP benefits and how MicroRentals can help protect and secure your business, get in touch with us today!

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