Apple’s MacBook Pros are the first choice, not only for design and creative professionals all over the world but also for more selective general users. Apple has inspired an almost evangelical devotion among its users. Sites like are a testimony to that.

But there are two concerns that people considering the change from PC to Mac often have: Price and upgradeability. That’s why it’s so popular to rent MacBook Pros in Australia and the world over.

How You Can Rent a MacBook Pro

You can rent a MacBook pretty easily. And it won’t require nearly as much of an initial investment. Concerns about upgrading at a later date are also no longer necessary because you can upgrade easily via your rental company when the time comes, and it won’t break the bank.

Your company can rent a selection of Apple products, including the latest MacBook Pro models in the short or long-term with MicroRentals. Whether you need equipment for a day, a week or several years, has experts on-hand to help you find the right solution.

Why Rent?

Renting from MicroRentals means that you’ll always have the latest MacBook Pro model. Your equipment will also remain guaranteed and will be maintained by IT professionals, no matter how long you choose to rent for.

MicroRentals also has an entire eco-system of other Apple products on-hand to optimise interconnectivity and perfect integration. The MacBook Pro works like a charm in unison with Apple Watches, iPads or iPhones. And MicroRentals can help you set up the rest of your Apple family of products too.

Affordability, Flexibility and World-Class Performance

There’s no specific rental contract specified when you rent a MacBook Pro or any other Apple products through MicroRentals. You can rent purely for the purposes of a single project or presentation, as a temporary “fill-in” for a staff member who doesn’t have access to their regular machine, or for numerous other unique, short-term reasons.

Conversely, you can also grab the bull by the horns and rent for as many months or years as you need to. The choice is yours. MicroRentals has been the leader in rental solutions for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all other major Australian cities for three decades.

To find out more about Mac hiring and renting cutting-edge Apple products for less, call MicroRentals on 1300 790 650 to speak to one of our professional consultants.

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