As a business owner, any new process or method of working that will benefit you, especially financially, is something that you’ll want to consider. It isn’t about making more money for selfish gain. Any business owner will wish for more finances at their disposal so that they can funnel the extra cash back into the company. The money trickles down, creating more employment, increased income and furthering business growth. When it comes to IT support, managed IT services is one of those helpful processes that any business could do with. Here are eight ways that managed IT services will benefit you financially.

  1. User Productivity

There are various programs and software that assists with productivity in the workplace. These tools can be used to manage your staff’s time, and to increase how much high-quality work comes out of your office. However, you can have all the timekeeping software in the world – it won’t make a difference in productivity if your systems are down. If you lose one hour of productivity due to a server crash, and it doesn’t happen often, then it isn’t really an issue. However, if your team experiences more downtime than not, then you’re losing precious working hours, productivity levels will decrease, and so will your money.

A managed IT service provider will make sure that your infrastructure is functional at all times. Whether it’s software issues or your staff are experiencing a problem with their email, a managed IT service provider will handle it for you so that you don’t experience excessive periods of downtime.

  1. Costs To Infrastructure

How much money do you spend on infrastructure every year? If you switch to a managed IT provider, what you pay could decrease dramatically. A managed IT service provider takes control of your infrastructure, which means that you can minimise how much of it you keep on-site. Managed IT services work from data centres, which house servers for this exact reason. Once your infrastructure is housed off-site, you’ll save money on energy bills, hardware and space.

You can utilise the space as extra storage, or convert it into another office. You’ll also save money on consulting, training and licensing costs because your new IT support service provider handles all of this in a manner that is managed better and effortlessly streamlined – all under the same roof.

  1. Your IT Staff Will Be More Productive

Within your IT department, you might see your staff spending time fixing user issues or repairing equipment that has started malfunctioning. If you get a managed IT service provider, your team in the IT department will be able to use their time constructively. They’ll be able to focus their time and energy on their core responsibilities because you’ll be outsourcing other tech-related jobs to your managed IT service.

  1. It’s An Investment

Technology can be expensive. Whether it’s hardware or buying software, you can expect to pay a substantial amount of money towards your IT department every year. However, if you outsource to a managed IT service, you can offset the initial investment you make through the lower technology costs you’ll be paying. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a program or new hardware upfront, you can pay for the service through monthly investments. These investments cost much less than if you bought them upfront, making this facility a much more affordable option. 

  1. The Monthly Costs Are Predictable

When you pay for a regular service, you will more typically be asked to decide on one of two or three packages available. What you pay for the service depends on what the package includes; however, the monthly costs will be predictable enough for you to be able to budget for these costs every month. Without working with a managed IT service provider, you could pay different amounts every month, which makes it hard to save money and challenging to estimate how much you’ll need.

  1. You Get Expert IT Support Immediately

When you experience an IT issue in the office, productivity comes to a grinding halt. You stop making money, and yet you have to pay your staff for the time that has been wasted because they can’t be penalised for something that is out of their control. In addition, IT problems can put a project on hold for an extended period, which causes delays, lead to missing the deadline and even deter your client from coming back to you in the future.

When an IT crisis strikes, you won’t have staff members wasting more time waiting for their technical problem to be resolved. With managed IT services, you have access to expert level IT support immediately, who can generally fix the issue and have your business up and running again within minutes.

  1. This Service Is Scalable

You don’t create a business with the purpose of staying small forever. You want to grow, by acquiring more clients, hiring more staff and expanding to a larger office space. In those periods where your business grows, you need an IT support system that can keep up with your business, and provide what you need when you need it.

Managed IT services are scalable, meaning that at a moment’s notice, they can still accommodate you when you grow, and get rid of applications in cloud computing if you don’t need it any longer.

  1. Improved Working Culture

Most people hate having IT issues. IT issues come out of nowhere and take too long to resolve while leaving you frustrated because you can’t get any work done. If your staff have to deal with constant IT issues, the office culture will become strained and stressful.

If you get a managed IT service, not only do you get increased productivity from fixing IT issues as quickly as they happen, you will have a motivated and stress-free team. The working environment in your office will have a notable difference because your IT problems are solved in a scalable, well-supported and reliable manner.


You might think that it’s too good to be true – exceptional IT support that also saves you money? Fortunately, it’s true. You’ll be able to funnel the extra finances back into your business and see your company grow. Managed IT service is the IT solution that you need. Call MicroRentals today for a quote.

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