How often do you have a connectivity problem when you’re at work? Or your email isn’t working, or when you can’t connect your laptop to the printer? These issues can pop up at any time during the work day. You can’t pre-empt them, and most of the time you don’t have the necessary skills needed to fix the problem. However, trying to fix the problem yourself wastes your time, and could even make the problem worse. Your solution is onsite IT services.

Many businesses around Sydney will outsource their IT support services to a solution provider who are situated far away from their offices. They do this because they think that they’ll be saving money, however, in the long run it’s the opposite. You might think you’re saving money, however, how long do your employees sit at their desks losing valuable time while they wait for your IT support provider to arrive? It might be time to get an onsite IT support provider in Sydney, so that your business can continue to function. Here are five reasons why you need an onsite IT support service.

Your IT Solutions Are In-House

How often do you have to wait for your IT support service to arrive when you need their assistance? You might even have to wait for them to finish another call-out before they arrive. That’s a lot of time spent being unproductive. Having an IT support solution in-house is more comforting, because you know that they are available when you need them, and they’ll physically be there to fix your problem. That means that you’ll have more peace of mind, and less stress because you won’t be waiting for the problem to be resolved.

You’re Aware Of The Situation At All Times

When you have an IT support specialist onsite, you know exactly what’s going on, all the time. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, your solution is right there with the answers at the ready. Dealing with an off-site IT support specialist means that you’ll lose a lot of time waiting for them to respond to your correspondence as well. However, with an on-site solution, they can be available immediately if a server crashes, or if some software isn’t functioning the way it should.

You’ll also be aware of the costs involved, because you’ll be paying a flat rate, and extras for new parts. With an off-site provider, you could be paying extra in fees that you’re not aware of, or that would be made completely redundant if they were in-office. Therefore, it would be easier for you to budget the monthly expenses for IT solutions because you would already have all of the information you need available to you.

You’re Familiar With Your Colleagues

Whether you work in a small business environment, or if you own a major corporation, there is something comforting about knowing your service providers personally. You work with them, you eat lunch together and share a boardroom table during meetings. When you have an onsite IT support specialist, you already know them on a personal level. It’s easier to work with someone and understand their process when you know them personally. When working with an off-site IT support solution, you aren’t familiar with them, so you might struggle to work together comfortably.

In addition, when you work with someone who provides a service onsite, you will both have the same goals for the business, and will both understand how the business is run.

They’re Available During An Emergency

Most businesses run from 9am to 5pm every day. However, there are some that keep running right around the clock, such as those that provide a live chat customer service on their websites. In the off-hours, if a server crashes, what do you do? You can’t shut the customer care service down while you wait for your service provider to fix it, so what do you do during an emergency?

This is where an onsite IT support service comes in handy. During the event of an emergency, they can be available immediately to assess the situation, fix the problem and perform damage control. Your functionality could be back up within minutes, without anyone realising that there was a problem in the first place.

They Prevent IT Issues Before They Arise

Are you aware of how cyber hackers can bring a business to the ground? Around the world, businesses are attacked by hackers who wish to steal information or finances from them or their clients. It can be very serious, and unfortunately, no one is safe; cyber-hackers attack large conglomerates and small businesses. Most of the time these businesses are held to ransom, where they have to pay a fortune to get their information back, or they can lose millions in cyber-theft.

You don’t want this to happen to you, which is another reason why you need an onsite IT service team to keep your data safe. An onsite IT support specialist will install ironclad anti-virus software onto your systems, as well as anti-malware protections. They’ll make sure that they are kept updated, and that your online processes you use in the office will contain preventative measure that will keep you safe.

If, in the unfortunate event that you are hacked and hit with ransomware, your IT specialist should already have kept backups of all data, software, programs, documentation and client information, so should these hackers wipe your drives clean, you won’t have to rebuild everything from the ground up.

If you don’t have an onsite IT support specialist available to assist you, your offsite service provider might not be able to handle such a serious situation. When a crisis like this arises, you want your IT solution available immediately and at your right hand – not outsourced from another country.

If you’re a business owner, you should make the right choice and hire an onsite IT support service, who will be there every day, available to do repair systems, answer questions and perform damage control. If you’re looking for the right company to help you out, don’t hesitate to call Micro Rentals in Sydney. We provide leading onsite IT support services and desktop IT support solutions to large corporations and small businesses across Sydney. Call us today for a quote.

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