There’s an ongoing debate among tech users: Which operating system is better – Windows or Mac? But established Mac users swear by OSX and all that comes with it. Design professionals and discerning users all over the world prefer Macs because of their intuitive nature, slick design and efficient handling of visual-based software.

The Mac/PC debate will probably rage on for many years to come. But generally, once you’ve gone Mac, you never go back. There are numerous reasons for users’ loyalty to Mac. Here are just some of them, as explained by Macworld UK.

Why Not Rent a Macbook Pro?

The problem for most businesses looking to switch to Mac is affordability. There’s a premium for the Mac experience that not everyone can afford. But did you know that you can rent without having to invest a fortune upfront?

Rent a Mac and you cut out the large once-off investment and make upgrading when you need to much more affordable. If you or your staff members are less likely to require a computer that’s mobile, there’s iMac rental too.

Rentals don’t necessarily have to be long-term. You can rent a MacBook for the duration of a project – be it a day, a week, a month or more, when and as you need it.

MacBook Pro Hire On Your Terms

MicroRentals have been the leaders in IT solutions since 1987. Our Mac rental options are quick, easy and affordable. And our professional staff members can help you find a rental that suits you in no time.

Users who rent for a short period generally require a MacBook for an event, a specific project, a conference or a temporary user in the office – like a freelance designer or animator.

Long-term rentals are backed up by efficient support from qualified IT professionals, and when it’s time to upgrade your MacBook, we’ll handle that too.

MicroRentals’ footprint covers all the major Australian cities, and we deliver. We also offer ongoing IT support and long or short-term rentals of any other hardware you may need – such as cameras, scanners, tablets, screens and more.

Rent a Macbook Pro in Sydney, anytime you like. With MicroRentals, you can rent a state-of-the-art Mac in no time.

Rent a MacBook Pro in Sydney or in any other major Australian city today. It’ll change the way you see computing forever.

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