Planning and organising events, conferences and meetings is one of the trickiest minefields to navigate. The success and effectiveness of your event is dependent on the availability of standard base technology for attendees. However, the purchasing of laptops, tablets and other required technologies is beyond the budget of many event organisers. An optimal alternative to getting the tech you need is looking for Apple products that are for hire, at prices that will keep your accountant off your back.

IOS, with its robust architecture, sophisticated software and intuitive multi-touch interface, has established itself as a reliable source of technical backbone support for many industries. Due to its stability and reliability, a majority of business prefer utilising IOS products to help in the attainment of their goals and objectives. Moreover, it makes it easier for post-event activities such as also conducting surveys and collecting feedback.

Its high brand appeal, reliable performance and avant-garde technology, Apple’s products naturally demand a high price. Because of this hefty price tag businesses opt to hire Apple equipment especially if they require the products in bulk or for short term use.

So now that you have decided to hire Apple products for your next event or business training seminar, below are the benefits;

  1.   Event Planning.

It may not be as complicated as defusing a nuclear bomb, but event planning is a stressful job that comprises of adhering to tight deadlines and catering to a large and diverse crowd.

With iPad hire solutions, event planners have an opportunity to elevate the status of their events with state-of-the-art technology that provides for quicker event registrations and check-ins — the use of custom registration apps on the iPad kiosks that allows for a hands-off approach.

  1.   Marketing Surveys.

As a marketing manager, it gets overtly annoying dealing with the tedious and insurmountable amount of paperwork when attempting to create surveys on the go and analyse results in real time.

By having iPads available, you can efficiently conduct your research and send the results of the survey when out on fieldwork. It also allows for you to amass feedback, observations and opinions, including compiling the data to supplement your research findings.

Additionally, an iPad helps in facilitating better decision making by making it possible to quickly collect responses and analyse them transcending to quality products and services for customers.

  1.   Presentation.

Carrying paper increases the risk of you making a mistake. An iPad can assist in beefing up your presentation, speech or your exhibition of a new product. It helps in keeping all your material safe and can be used as a remote control for your slideshows, explanation of various screens or assist you in reading your notes.

  1.   Conference and Meetings.

IOS has revolutionised the manner to which people do business and also how conferences and meetings are conducted. The slew of savvy features with the iMac or iPad allows for companies to enhance engagement, interaction and promote improved communication. It also assists in the reduction of costs and the time spent during conferences.

  • Guests have the choice of attending meetings and conferences remotely.
  • It offers organiser with real-time feedback, including performing brainstorming sessions and also take notes.
  •  Businesses can provide the minutes of the meeting and the agenda and also offer access to the attending delegates’ profiles.
  • An iPad for hire helps attendees in finding their meeting rooms and also information about the various sessions.
  • iPad games and puzzles allow for the gamification of meetings, also enabling delegates to be educated about the hosting business. It also offers some fun time between conferences and meetings.
  1.   Education.

The advancement of technology is continuously evolving and improving how the education sector operates. IOS is a popular choice in generating new opportunities for both teachers and students in the classroom.

  • An iMac can assist in amplifying the studies of students living with disabilities, with its features custom-made to suit their unique requirements.
  •  The visuals and interactive sessions on the projected iPad can be used by teachers to cultivate better interaction and pique curiosity among students.
  •  An iMac comes with many apps for education, interactive books, speeches on each subject, including visual tours from experts aimed at enhancing study sessions.
  • The interactive iPad apps assists students to present their research, assignments and projects in tables, charts and graphs that extend beyond a standard spreadsheet.
  1.   Hospitality.

As with other industries, the hospitality industry has been revolutionised by Apple. It offers an array of creative uses that give businesses a valuable lead in the highly competitive landscape.

  • Traditional menus can be replaced by robust iPads and used so customers can browse the menu, view the dishes, order food and also notify the chefs on how they want food cooked.
  •  IOS helps in crafting unique experiences for hotel guests, such as recommending great restaurants, offering bespoke itineraries and suggesting popular tourist attractions. An iPad acts as a user’s personal concierge to assist in the planning of vacations and excursions.
  •  Restaurants who opt for iPad solutions provide their guests with the option of making reservations and also view the layout of the tables.
  1.   Short-term Projects.

Hiring iPads or iMacs is ideal if the intention is for short-term projects, including supplementing contract or temporary solutions. As such, you avoid committing to an expensive investment in high-end technology, allowing you to stretch your budget. Also, opting for hiring Apple products is an ideal solution for conducting employee training, whether at your office or an off-site venue.

MicroRentals offers world-class Apple products for hire solutions that will suit your budget and help in the attainment of your objectives and goals. Contact us today.

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