In a word, yes! To get a bit of context on the far-reaching consequences that IT disasters can have on business, have a look at this article about some of the worst enterprise IT disasters. Having robust IT support in place is essential to ensure you can recover from disasters like these examples quickly.

And IT catastrophes don’t only happen on a large scale. They can be especially damaging to small and medium businesses, who simply can’t afford the security measures that big corporations can.

The most cost-effective way for any business – big or small – to prevent IT disasters from happening, is easy access to a qualified IT support specialist. IT support is multi-layered, and there’s no “one size fits all” with IT solutions or IT helpdesk support. Beyond just taking your calls for help, here are just a few of the important areas IT support will control for you:

Network Management – Your network is the brains of your operation. It connects all your employees to a shared communication, memory and operations system that is responsible for making all the other “moving parts” of your company work.

Data Disaster Recovery Solutions – Moving physical assets aside, information is your most valuable commodity. Sensitive client information, invoices, employee information, accounting records, important presentations – the list continues; losing this information can be catastrophic. And sometimes, the only way to recover it in the event of a crash is for a qualified IT professional to “dig deeper” than you are able to.

Security – Security is paramount. And it links to the previous point. Information can be stolen as well as lost if there isn’t adequate IT protection in place. Hackers find new ways to steal data every day. And data breaches can destroy businesses. IT Support is your shield against these attacks.

Servers and Cloud Computing – Space is not just an esoteric concept anymore. It’s a valuable tool in the information age. Where you store and transfer your sensitive company data is an essential concern. And in our day-to-day lives, we don’t really think about it.

IT Support and Solutions on Tap

IT solutions are indeed a multi-dimensional concept. And if you don’t have an IT qualification, it can be quite overwhelming too. Whether you need on-site or off-site IT support, MicroRentals’ IT consulting services will help make sure you’ve covered all of the above and more.

Call MicroRentals on 1300 790 650 for on-or off-site IT support, hardware rentals, reliable IT helpdesk support and pretty much anything else that’s related to business systems hardware or software that you need. Our qualified, trained consultants are on-hand to help, and you’ll find us in all the major Australian cities.

Don’t let IT disasters happen! Let MicroRentals handle them for you.

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